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Awesome Tricks To Keep Your RV Insect Free!

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While many of you may be celebrating the onset of our beloved summer months here in Michigan, there’s a large cross section of others who are absolutely dreading the return of the hordes of insects. And while there are many who appreciate what some bugs do for our ecosystem, that doesn’t mean we want them making themselves at home in our RVs! Check out these awesome tricks to keep your RV insect free both during your travels and while in storage!

Keep Your RV Sparkling Clean

This isn’t exactly a fix all, but it’ll greatly help! The less food that’s laying around, the better. Also, if there aren’t piles of items and dark, dirty corners to hide in, spiders and bugs will be a lot less likely to set up shop. This should be done periodically, but especially before putting your RV into storage, and after every trip. Also be sure to clean up after yourself while out camping, as a fresh morsel and being out in bugs’ home territory is a disastrous recipe.

Remove Food at the End of the Camping Season

Make sure you get each and every last item of food out of all possible places in your RV. Anything left will be super tempting to a pest, even if they have to work through a little bit of packaging. Get all packages of food out, sweep up every single little crumb, and wash every sticky spot.

Install Insect Screens

These screens protect the openings to the refrigerator, hot water heater, and the furnace. It prevents bugs from crawling in through the places you may never have otherwise thought to check.

Give Mothballs a Try

Sure, they’re not the most pleasant things in the world, but they’ll do wonders for driving all sorts of critters from your RV! On the other hand, some campers have complained that the smell can linger for a few months after taking mothballs out of the RV, which, let’s face it, is practically the whole camping season here in Michigan! Here’s a tip for mothballs: instead of scattering loose pellets around your RV, place them in small covered bowls and poke holes in the bowl. They’ll stay contained while still emitting their repelling powers!

Keep Sink Drains Covered or Plugged

This is especially important when your RV is in storage, as this is just like a superhighway right into your living space!

Drain Standing Water

This is a huge measure you can’t ignore. Never store your RV with standing water left in any sinks, the toilet, the shower, etc. Many insects are attracted to standing water, so any puddles or pools of moisture will become a breeding ground for the pests you’re trying to get rid of.

Check Your RV for Holes

This should be part of your RV maintenance check anyway, but it’s important for keeping bugs and other creepy crawlies out of your RV! If you do find any holes, use caulk or a silicone filler to fill in the hole and at least you won’t give bugs a warm welcome into your mobile abode.

Give Essential Oils a Try

Although these seem like the iffy answer to everything, it could prove effective for repelling different species of bugs, spiders, and rodents. Try essential oils like tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, citrus, or others.

Set Up a Perimeter

Keep insects and pests from wanting to even get inside your RV by spraying bug spray on the ground around your RV. It has been said that ants especially don’t like chalky substances, so draw a chalk line, or use borax to deter pests from even coming near your RV. Diatomaceous earth is another great insect repellant, and is actually a natural, non-toxic bug repellent alternative if pets or kids will be around the RV! Remember to reapply these products after it rains, as they’ll get washed away!

Use Ultrasonic Science

Sometimes sprays, powders, and pellets just don’t cut it, so you’ll have to branch out to keep pests from becoming full-time RVers in your rig. These electronic devices use ultrasonic sound waves to essentially annoy pests to the point that they can’t stand it and leave the RV. We bet a lot of you wish there was one that works on in-laws or noisy camp neighbors, but unfortunately these devices work mostly on rodents and some insects!

Protect Your Power Cord

Ants and other creepy crawlers love your power cord, as it’s practically a convenient little path right into your RV! All they have to do is march up the cord and a cozy RV interior awaits. Make it harder for bugs by keeping your RV’s power cord up off the ground as much as possible. A super sticky double-sided tape also helps to stop bugs in their tracks, so wrap the portion closest to the RV’s power outlet and they’ll find themselves in a dire sticky situation!

Check Your Propane

Some pests love the smell of propane, and can sniff it out even when our insensitive human noses don’t detect a scent. Aside from obvious safety reasons, double check that your propane is turned off before putting your RV in storage. When you perform your periodic RV check, just make sure that there are no wasp nests or nested spiders on your tanks, as they like the smell too.

Utilize Flea Collars

Some campers have suggested placing pieces of flea collars into the outside access compartments of the refrigerator and hot water heater to deter spiders from following the smell of propane. Only do this when your RV is in storage!

Tape Up Vents

If you completely shut down all of your RV’s systems during the off season, it can be incredibly beneficial to tape over any outside vents to prevent insects from entering, as well as preventing bees, hornets, wasps, etc. from building nests in the vents. You’ll want to leave yourself and others a reminder that the vents are taped, so leave sticky notes on the thermostat, water heater, and fan switches. This is similar to the vent cover suggestion mentioned earlier, but this is the much cheaper route!

Ready to get out there to enjoy a pest-free RV trip? We can’t guarantee you won’t encounter a single bug on your camping getaways, but when you try out these awesome tricks to keep your RV insect free, you own’t have to live with some unwanted bug roommates!

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