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RVing Activities

Be prepared to leave your boredom behind when you take off in an RV! Whether you want white-knuckle thrills or laid back entertainment, you'll find something fun for everybody covered in our articles on RVing Activities.

Christmas Decoration Ideas for the Tropical RVer

Give your southern RV holiday some tropical flair with these Christmas decoration ideas that are more fun and sun than holly and jolly.

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River Surfing: A Whole New Surfing Experience!

Looking for life's next extreme adventure? Get ready for a whole new surfing experience! Try out river surfing and ride the waves like never before!

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disaster shelter
How to Prepare Your RV to Be a Disaster Shelter

Are you ready if disaster strikes? Stay safe in your RV! Just follow these tips on how to prepare your RV to be a disaster shelter and always be prepared!

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Shunpike RVing  Take the road less traveled
Shunpike RVing: Save Money and See More

Break away from the crowded roadways and take the road less traveled! Embark on the life of shunpike RVing to save money and see more of America's sights!

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Snowboarding from a helicopter
Where and How To Try Heli Boarding And Heli Skiing

If the ski lift doesn't take you high enough, click here for where and how to try heli boarding and heli skiing. Soar to new heights reached by helicopter!

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Clam Digging: Where, When, How, and What To Make With Them Afterward!

Dig up your dinner! Here’s the where, when, and how of clam digging, and what to make with them afterward!

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Winter night sky
Looking Up: Planetary Objects In the Winter Sky

There are so many stunning planetary objects in the winter sky just waiting for you to admire them. Go outside, look up, and see for yourself!

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Girl playing outside in the snow
Snowy Fun: Outdoors Winter Scavenger Hunt

Keep your kiddos active this winter and get outside and embark on a fun outdoor winter scavenger hunt! What a perfect way to enjoy the snowy weather!

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kids having a wheelbarrow race
Keep Kids Active With Exercises Everyone Can Do While Camping

Keep up with your healthy habits during your family's RVing excursions and keep your kids active with these exercises that everyone can do while camping!

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halloween activities
Great Halloween Camping Activities

Spending Halloween at the campground this year? Make this haunted holiday season the best one yet with these great Halloween camping activities!

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crayon pumpkins
Colorful Crayon Pumpkin Decorating!

Looking to break from the norm for fall decorating? Check out this fun tutorial for colorful crayon pumpkin decorating to add some awesome personal flair!

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Halloween craft: Paper plate spiders
Halloween Spiders To Hang Around Your RV!

Get little campers into the Halloween spirit with this fun craft! Hang these cute paper-plate spiders around your RV for the right amount of spookiness!

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wine bottle and tiki torches on fire
Get Crafty! Miniature Tiki Torches for the Campsite!

Illuminate your campsite with these miniature tiki torches! There are two different kinds so you can choose which ones you want to do! Or, make them both!

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Fall home decor using acorns
A Fun Festive Fall Craft to Spruce up your RV Décor!

Acorns have a tremendous amount of decorating potential! Here is a fun, festive fall craft to spruce up your RV décor using acorns.

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rainy day activities at the campground
Rainy Day Activities at the Campground

Don't let rain ruin your camping fun! Try out some of these rainy day activities at the campground and keep the good times going through the wet weather!

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mountain biking in michigan
Best Mountain Biking Trails in Michigan

Did your favorite trail make our list of the best mountain biking trails in Michigan? Click here to find out and start planning your next ride today!

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