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Easy Steps To Making a Minnow Trap!

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Hey anglers! The snow and ice are quickly disappearing, so that means fishing season will be in full swing soon! Instead of visiting your local bait shop, catch your own minnows to use as bait!

Sure, you could run down to your local sporting goods store and pick up a minnow trap, but why waste your money? Do it yourself! Follow these easy steps to make a minnow trap of your own and save yourself some money, as it uses items you definitely already have in the house, and works just as well! It’s much smaller than those big, bulky minnow traps from stores, which is great for storing in your RV if you plan on fishing on your getaway!

Materials Needed:

  • 2 2-liter pop bottles

  • X-acto knife or box cutter

  • Duct tape or heavy duty glue

  • String or fishing line

  • Bread crumbs, dog/cat food, crackers, or other bait


  1. Using your X-acto knife or box cutter, cut the bottom off of one of the 2-liter bottles, about 3-4 inches from the bottom. Make sure to save the cap, or just leave it on!

  2. Within half an inch from this cut edge, use your cutter to make two small holes across from each other. This will be for a handle!

  3. On the second 2-liter, remove the cap and cut the top off the bottle. You’ll want to make sure to cut just below the point where the bottle begins to taper off. You’ll want to cut where the bottle is full width, as it needs to fit inside the other bottle.

  4. Remove the cap from the cut-off bottle top, and place it top-side down into the other 2-liter bottle with the bottom missing.

  5. Fasten the two bottles together using duct tape or glue.

  6. Poke holes through the duct tape and inner bottle top where you made your previous holes in the larger 2-liter. If you’re using glue, it may be easier to do this step before securing the bottles together.

  7. Using a length of string or fishing line, secure both ends through the holes on the side of your trap, making a handle.

  8. Optional: If you’d like water to fill your trap more quickly, poke small holes on the long side of your trap to allow water to come in more quickly.

  9. Place bread, crackers, or even dog or cat food into your trap to tempt minnows.

  10. When you’re ready to use your trap, head out to an area with calm, shallow water and place your trap into the water. You can either hold your trap under the water, as minnows won’t be shy as long as you stand still, or add a couple small stones to your trap, secure the string to a stationary object so it can’t float away, and come back to check your trap. It won’t take long for minnows to nibble!

  11. Once you have a good amount of minnows, scoop your trap out of the water. Open up the cap on the bottom while your trap is over a bucket, and release your little fishes.

Wasn’t that easy? This simple minnow trap is practically effortless to make, and you’ll appreciate having fresh live bait to tempt that prize fish! Some DIY anglers have expanded on this basic idea, so feel free to get creative. We’ve seen some cool traps where people attach several small pop bottle tops all around the inside of a bucket, which will drastically increase the number of minnows you catch.

Keep in mind, fish traps of any kind can be illegal in some areas, so always check the local regulations first before setting your trap. Also make sure that your fishing license is up to date so that you won’t run into any problems when fishing or trapping!

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Have any other tips on how to make your own minnow trap? How did this one turn out? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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