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Get Crafty! Miniature Tiki Torches for the Campsite!


Tiki torches are a really fun way to light your surroundings! You can even fill them with oils that will repel insects and help reduce the amount of bug spray you have to use. Since they can be pretty big and a pain to store and get out each time, we’ve found some miniature tiki torches for the campsite! They’re stand along torches too, so you don’t have to pound them into the ground, which makes set up and take down that much easier! Get crafty and make them yourself!

Wine Bottle Tiki Torches


Save your empty wine bottles and upcycle them into beautiful tiki torches. Here’s what you need and how to make it!


Empty wine bottles
Decorative stones (You can find these at the dollar store, or gather them from around the campsite)
Tiki torch fuel
⅜" x ¼" brass coupling


1. Clean your wine bottles and remove any labels that may be on them.

2. Carefully place some stones in the bottom of each bottle.

3. Slide the wick into the ⅜” x ¼” brass coupling and leave it at one end.

4. Fill about ¾ of the bottle with tiki torch fuel. Over filling it will cause it to overflow when you put the wick in.

5. Slide the wick down into the jar with the smaller side of the brass coupling facing down. The coupling should wedge right into the opening of the bottle.

6. Pull enough of the wick out so that it’ll light and have space to burn.

7. Set your DIY wine bottle tiki torches around the campsite and let them illuminate your surroundings!

Mason Jar Tiki Torches

If you’re not a wine drinker, don’t fret! You can make lovely tiki torches from Mason jars. Here are the supplies and the steps!


Mason jars
½” drill bit
Decorative stones
Tiki torch fuel


1. Drill a hole in the center of the mason jar lid with the drill and bit. Make sure to drill from the top down so that there aren’t sharp edges pushed up.

2. Place a layer of the decorative stones into the bottom of the jar.

3. Fill the jar about halfway with the tiki torch fuel.

4. Push the wick up through the hole in the lid and place the lid securely on the jar with enough wick sticking out to light and stay lit.

5. Spread these adorable torches around the campsite!

When you place your torches around the campsite, ensure they are out of the way so they don’t get knocked over. Keep a special eye on any curious pets or children to ensure they don’t get burned.

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