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Great Halloween Camping Activities

Halloween is a beloved holiday distinct for the hordes of adorable costume-clad kids walking door to door with a bounty of candy in hand. But trick-or-treating isn’t the only activity that captures the spirit of the spooky season, especially if you’re spending All Hallow’s Eve at a campground! For some fun ideas on how to make this Halloween the best one yet, check out these great Halloween camping activities!

Make a Horror Movie

Thanks to recent technical innovations, you no longer need a Hollywood set crew to make a horror movie. All you really need is a smart phone and a twisted imagination! So this Halloween, gather your cast, create your script, and record your terrifying scenes. Use fake blood and costumed characters to make your film extra entertaining! Then screen it on your RV’s TV for a movie night unlike any other!

Have a Stomach-Churning Picnic

Whip up a Halloween feast and dig in outdoors with food that makes you lose your appetite! Make severed-finger sandwiches by taking mini hot dogs and cutting a few slices near the middle to resemble the joint of the finger. Then add a small peeling of onion to one end which will act as the fingernail, securing it with ketchup. Dip the other end of the hot dog into ketchup to give it a bloody, severed effect! Serve in hotdog buns. For dessert, add some red food coloring to your favorite rice crispy treat recipe and shape them into ovals to make tasty brains!

Organize a Spooky Search

Put a fun twist on traditional treasure hunts by setting up a spooky Halloween-themed search. Hide a prize somewhere in the campground and make clues, puzzles, and riddles that help direct campers to it. You can also make a haunted treasure map to guide them as well. The first camper to find the final prize gets to claim it as their own!

Set Up an Obstacle Course

With a few supplies and a little ingenuity you can craft a Halloween-esque obstacle course that’s fun for campers of all ages! Here are some ideas for each leg of the race:

  • Eyeball Balance: Draw an eyeball onto a ping-pong ball and have campers balance it on a spoon as they transport it from one point to another. If their eyeball falls off the spoon, they have to go back to the start.

  • Bob for Apples: With their hands behind their backs, have players bob for apples in a large basin of water. Players cannot move onto the next leg of the race until they’ve got an apple between their teeth.

  • Witch Hat Toss: Using a glow stick necklace and a pointy witch hat, have campers attempt to toss their ring onto the hat from a distance. Once they have it on the hat they can move onto the next leg of the race.

  • Gross Mystery Grab: Cut a hole in the top of three shoe boxes and label them intestines, eyeballs, and skin. Fill the boxes separately with cooked spaghetti, olives, and oiled up banana peels, and put a Halloween-related item in one of the boxes. Have players stick their hands inside each box to search for the item. Once they find it they can move on.

  • Hay Bale Jump: Set up bales of hay in a sequence and have players maneuver over them to reach the finish line

Hold a Dirt-Pie Eating Contest

Prepare to get messy with this great Halloween camping activity! To make your pies, put 5 gummy worms in the bottom of a pie tin. Then whip up some chocolate pudding and dump it over the worms. Top off your pie with a thick layer of crushed-up Oreos. Then let the competition begin! Instruct your players to keep their hands behind their backs as they dig through the dirt-pie and retrieve the worms. The first player to pull out all five worms wins!

Other Miscellaneous Activities

  • Go to a Haunted Maze: Find a local corn maze close to your campground and try not to get lost as you make your way through it!

  • Trick-Or-Treat at the Campground: Go from RV door to RV door attempting to solicit candy from fellow campers!

  • Hold a Camp-wide Costume Contest: Invite everyone to dress up and then gather together to vote for the best costume!

  • Head Out For a Night Hike: Put your fearlessness to the test by braving the hiking trails in the dark with nothing but a flashlight!

With these awesome ideas for great Halloween camping activities you’re sure to have a blast this haunted-holiday season! Do you have any other ideas for how campers can celebrate this Halloween? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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