Great Tips For Baking In RV Ovens

Cooking 101 for RVers - high contrast geometric red shapes and inside oven

Although many are skeptical on the efficiency of RV ovens, it is still possible to achieve nicely-baked dishes in your rig! RV stoves typically run on propane, and admittedly don’t heat as evenly and accurately as one might hope. There is nothing more disappointing than getting excited for a tasty baked meal or snack, then facing the disaster of a burned bake! Don’t despair! You can still bake all your favorite recipes when you’re on the road! Just follow these great tips for baking in RV ovens for perfect, well-cooked dishes every time!

1. Check Your Oven’s Temperature

oven thermometer

It is pretty typical that RV ovens tend to heat differently than what the number on the knob says! The best way to find the discrepancy between temperatures is to use an oven thermometer to determine what the actual temperature of the oven is. You can adjust your temperature from there. For instance, if you find out that your thermometer reads 10 degrees cooler than the knob temperature, start setting your oven 10 degrees warmer than required!

2. Always Preheat Your Oven

Preheating oven before cooking

A good preheat is essential, especially in already touchy RV ovens! It will probably take your RV oven longer than a normal oven to heat up, so be sure to check your oven thermometer after about 10 minutes, and every few minutes thereafter, to ensure your oven is at the needed temperature!

3. Turn Your Bakes


Since propane ovens are known to heat so unevenly, it is always a good idea to turn your dishes about halfway through the cooking time to prevent one side from getting scorched while the other side is still half raw!

4. Use A Baking Stone Or Tiles

Pampered Chef Stonewear for cooking

Propane ovens are not known for their even heat distribution, unfortunately. The metal shelf, whose purpose is to distribute heat evenly, typically fails, resulting in food with a burned bottom. Luckily, a great tried-and-true solution exists! Place a baking stone on top of the shelf, making sure not to totally cover the ventilation holes, for a more even heat distribution! You can also used unglazed tiles, which can be found at your local hardware store, and they will work just as well!

5. Adjust Your Oven Rack

adjusting oven racks

Although RV ovens usually only come with one rack, you can still adjust it’s height in relation to the burner for a better bake! If you want more heat, use the bottom or middle rack. For less heat, move the rack all the way to the top!

Hopefully after following these great tips for baking in RV ovens, your foods will come out golden brown and perfectly cooked every time! Have any other tips or tricks for RV oven baking? Comment to share them with us! If your oven-woes start to get the best of you, remember you can also cook your meals over the campfire! Pair this unbelievable entree with this mouthwatering dessert and do all your baking in the fresh, open air!