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Hacks For Storing Refrigerator Contents

When you took the plunge into the world of RVing, you had to make the sacrifice of a super spacious living space for the compact convenience of a home on wheels. For most of you, this included giving up precious refrigerator space. Many RVs for sale in Grand Rapids feature camper refrigerators as opposed to residential refrigerators, which can feature as little as three cubic feet of storage space. Fear not! Try out these hacks for storing refrigerator contents and you’ll have more space than you thought possible!


When you think about it, removing the packaging from as much food as possible will save you a ton of space. It will also save you a huge amount of time, as you’ll be able to rinse and slice vegetables, divide portions, and organize before you even leave for your trip! Pick up a few packs of food storage containers and heavy duty zippered plastic bags to store unpackaged food in, which will help to keep food fresher longer. This will make life at the campsite so much easier, as you’ll be able to pull ingredients right from the fridge and get cooking, and you won’t have to worry about all the trash that you’ll have to take care of.


To stay completely organized, label everything in your fridge! Labeling a container with what’s inside will make it easy to just grab the one you need without having to search around and open them up. If you’re taking an extended trip, include the date that the food was placed in the container so you know what is still good and what is about to go bad. That way you easily identify expired food and open up more space. Do this with leftovers too, so you’ll know when to toss them!


If you have the room in your RV’s freezer, store any additional items in here that you won’t immediately need for your trip, like an extra loaf of bread, meat, chopped fruit, and more. Just thaw it out when you need it, and by that time there will probably be some room open in the refrigerator to store it after it has thawed!


Why refrigerate anything that doesn’t need to be? Double check which produce needs to be refrigerated, and which doesn’t. Perhaps you’ll be surprised by the refrigerator space you’ve been wasting by refrigerating items that don’t need to stay cold! Invest in some baskets or bowls to hold produce on your countertops (or in a cupboard during travel)!


Nobody wants a warm soda (or worse, beer) on a hot day at the campground, so you may be tempted to keep your RV’s refrigerator stocked for a continuous supply of cold ones. There’s a better way! Bring along a cooler to hold most of your beverages. It’ll free up a ton of space in that compact ice box, so you’ll have more room for food. Keep beverages like milk, juice, and other perishable beverages inside the refrigerator, as they’ll go bad if you don’t keep your cooler filled with fresh ice, which you won’t have to worry about with pop or beer!


Since an RV is a home that you can pack up and take on the road, it’s to be expected that things will bounce around in the fridge with every bump and pothole you cruise over. This can result in a jumbled array of groceries when you open your doors later! Surely there are some of you out there too who have had the misfortune of your RV refrigerator’s door accidentally opening during travel, with a resulting mess to clean up upon arrival. Invest in some refrigerator bars, like these ones from Camco, which are adjustable bars that are positioned across the front of each shelf for extra protection to keep items from sliding around hitting the door, or accidentally opening it. They make them for cabinets too, which have also been known to open during travel.


After you pop a six pack of bottles into the cooler, use that six-pack holder to keep the door shelf of your fridge organized. This is perfect for condiment bottles, individual drink bottles, small items, and even a nice bottle of wine!


To take your organization even further, purchase some bins for the refrigerator shelves, which will help to hold items in an even more convenient fashion! You can either stack storage containers in these bins, or use them to keep loose items together. It’ll eliminate the frustration of items getting shuffled around as they’re used!


If you thought your RV refrigerator was small, the freezer is no joke! If you’re tired of having to pile items on top of each other, use binder clips to hang partially-empty bags under the wire shelf (if your freezer has one). This will free up space both on the shelf and in the doors!

Are you amazed at how much space you have in your RV’s refrigerator? These hacks for storing refrigerator contents will allow you to store even more! Just remember to make sure to get your RV as level as possible to allow your refrigerator to work properly. Also, keep your refrigerator right around 40 degrees, don’t overstuff it, and make sure to open it up as little as possible to keep all that precious cold air in!Ready to ditch your tiny RV fridge altogether? Come on down to your favorite RV dealer in West Michigan, RV World, and browse our amazing selection of beautiful upscale RVs for sale in Grand Rapids! Trade in and get top dollar toward a fifth wheel or travel trailer that features a residential refrigerator so you won’t even need to use these tips! Keep your lovely refrigerator running perfectly for years to come with our incredible extended warranty!
How do you store the contents of your RV fridge? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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