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Halloween Spiders To Hang Around Your RV!

If you have yet to find a spider that doesn’t spook you, these cute paper-plate spiders just might be the answer! This simple and cute Halloween craft is perfect for younger campers, and uses materials that you probably already have laying around the house! Just pack up these supplies in your RV and it’ll be the perfect arts-and-crafts activity for any fall camping trip! Here is the fun tutorial on how to make these adorable Halloween spiders to hang around your RV!

What You’ll Need:

  • Paper plates

  • Pipe cleaners, colors of choice

  • Googly eyes (varying sizes is fun!)

  • Acrylic paint, colors of choice

  • School glue or craft glue

  • Stapler (make sure you bring along enough staples!)

  • Scissors

  • Paintbrushes

  • String


  1. Let your little ones paint the bottoms of paper plates however they choose, making sure to paint an even number of plates. Let them dry completely.

  2. Once dry, use scissors to cut pipe cleaners in half to make creepy, crawly, fuzzy spider legs! Bend in the middle of each half to give them shape!

  3. Place two paper plates together, paint side out, and insert eight legs, four on each side. Staple all the way around the plates. Be sure to staple each leg securely so they won’t fall out!

  4. Glue eight googly eyes onto the front of each spider. Spiders have eight eyes, but if kids want to let their imaginations run wild, that’s okay! Use varying sizes of eyes to give them an even sillier, spookier look!

  5. Once the eyes have dried, punch a hole in the top of the spiders, loop some string through to give your spiders some silky webs, and hang these funny spooky crawlers anywhere you please!

Make up a bunch of these adorable paper-plate spiders and your RV will be crawling with fun! Hang them in various spots around your RV, or spook your camping neighbors by hanging them from your RV’s awning and around your campsite! This is also the perfect craft for fall parties, school activities, or daycares! You could also turn this into a nature education exercise and teach your kids about the different species of spiders found in your area and have them decorate the paper-plate spiders accordingly! What other fun crafts are perfect for little ones during Halloween camping? Share your crafty ideas so these little paper-plate spiders can have some friends hanging around your RV this Halloween!

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