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Help! My Slide Outs Won't Slide

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Are you experiencing slide out failure? Nothing can be more frustrating when you go to push that button and your slide outs won’t slide! No need to panic just yet! Use this guide to help troubleshoot your RV’s systems and see if we can’t help resolve your issue!

Motorized Slide Outs

Check all wire connections. Locate your RV’s electrical compartment and check for any disconnected or loose wires.

Check the fuses. While in the electrical compartment, be sure to check that there aren’t any blown fuses.

Test the power source. Even if your battery is charged, plug your RV into an electrical source and try again. If this works, you have an issue with your house batteries, which may not be able to handle the power of your slide outs and may need to be replaced.

Press the slide-out button. Can you hear any sound? If you hear a sound coming from the motor, but the slide outs won’t budge, this could mean that the motor’s shear pins are broken and need to be replaced.

If that doesn’t work …

Take your RV to a professional. If you’ve tried all of the above suggestions and none of them worked, it’s time to seek the help of a trained RV technician. It’s likely that your slide out control board is bad, which a certified professional can fix.

Hydraulic Slide Outs

Make sure your RV’s batteries are charged. Your RV’s slide outs run on a hydraulic pump, which is powered from the house batteries. Plug in and charge the batteries, and if your slide outs work, there may be a problem with your battery or battery charging system.

Check for leaks. The hydraulic system that powers your slide outs maybe have a leak from the pumps or cylinders, so if you check and find a leak, it’s time to go to an RV technician.

Check fluid levels. If you didn’t find a leak, did you notice that the hydraulic fluid was low? If your slide outs are closed, you can add more fluid to the reservoir. If the slide out is stuck open, you cannot add fluid, as it will overflow and leak when the slide is retracted.

Check your manual. There may be a way to manually close your slides, so consult your owner’s manual for information on how to do this!

As with any RV problem, if your slide outs aren’t working and you aren’t sure what to do or aren’t comfortable with these suggestions, feel free to contact a certified RV technician! Give us a call here at RV world at 616-965-2772 and talk with our excellent RV service department for the best course of action! If you’ve experienced this issue before and have any additional tips or tricks, leave us a comment with your advice!

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