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Helpful RV Awning Cleaning Tips

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At first impression, cleaning your RV’s awning can seem like a daunting task! Some awnings can span up to 21 feet long on larger RVs, meaning you’ll have a large area to cover when scrubbing out mold, mildew, and dirt. You may especially be ready to throw in the towel when you realize you should clean both the top and bottom of the awning. Stop stressing! This task is so incredibly easy, we’ll be bold enough to say that it may be one of the easiest parts of your RV to clean! If it seems too good to be true, just check out these super helpful RV awning cleaning tips and you can move on to bigger projects!

Step 1—Choose Your Cleaner

When you’re ready to start the awning cleaning process, you’ll first need to choose a cleaner that will get your awning clean. Since mold and mildew are the biggest culprits of unsightly awnings, you can use an anti-mold solution to clean them up. A mold and mildew tile cleaner will work wonderfully, or use a mixture of water, dish soap, and a trace amount of bleach (about a cap’s worth or less per gallon). Other RVers absolutely swear by a plain mixture of water and dish soap. This could be a trial-and-error process for you to see which works best with your awning, so try them out! Also, it never hurts to make sure that certain chemicals or commercial cleaners will be ok to use on your awning’s material before you spray it on! You want to clean your awning, not damage it!

Step 2—Brush

If you find mold, mildew, stuck-on insects, or other debris, use a long-handled brush to scrape off any problem spots. Just be sure to look out below: Nobody likes a hairdo full of bug guts! Be sure to get the top of your RV’s awning too.

Step 3—Spray

If you made your own awning cleaner solution, pour it into a large spray bottle for easy application. If you are using a commercial product, turn the nozzle to the ‘ON’ position and spray! You’ll want to coat the entire awning, even in spots where there isn’t any mold, mildew, or any other spots present to ensure they won’t form later on!

Step 4—Roll ‘Em Up

Completely roll up your awning and cue the Jeopardy music, but put it on repeat! The solution will need to sit on your awning anywhere from 5-15 minutes for optimal cleaning!

Step 5—More Brushing

If mold, mildew, or any other spots are being stubborn, use your long-handled brush to give them a good scrub.

Step 6—Use the Hose

Get out your garden hose and spray off your awning completely! Keep your awning open to let it dry thoroughly. This is important, as rolling up your RV’s awning when it’s wet is the biggest cause of mold and mildew in the first place!

Other Tips For Keeping Your Awning Clean

  • After you return home from a camping trip, open the awning and let it sit for a day or two to let it completely dry out. This goes doubly if you have to pack up and leave your campsite in the rain!

  • Brush off the top of your awning often. Extra debris can cause damage, stains, or make your awning just plain dirty.

  • Be sure to dump rainwater when it pools up to avoid damage to the awning’s arms and fabric.

  • Inspect the awning at the beginning and end of the camping season so that you can fix any damage.

  • Clean your RV at the end of the season and let it completely dry before you roll it up for the winter. This is the time that mold and mildew are most likely to form!

Is this how you clean your RV’s awning? Have any other helpful RV awning cleaning tips? If so, share your methods in the comments below so we can try them out! We here at RV World take pride in helping our customers keep their RVs in tip-top shape so they can enjoy camping as much as possible! And because wear and tear happens, our experienced RV technicians can help with particularly messy awnings, and any other issue you may have! We also offer a super easy trade-in process so you can upgrade to any one of our RVs for sale in Grand Rapids that have big, sparkling new power awnings! Some are even operated by remote control, so visit your favorite West Michigan RV dealer, RV World!

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