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How To Clean Your Foam RV Cushions

If you have an older RV you probably have a foam cushion or two in it! These cushions can take on an odor after a while and no matter how many times you wash the covers or Febreze the cushion, the odor still lingers. It hangs around because those foam pieces are so dense that they just hold tight to anything that gets in there. Buying new foam would get the job done easily, but the price is a lot more than you would expect. Not to worry! They can come clean with a little elbow grease (well, foot grease really) and some time! If you have or know some kids, get them involved. They actually might have a great time with this project!


You’re stinky foam cushions
Large clear trash bags
Laundry soap
White vinegar
A 3-gallon bucket
Lots of water!


1. Remove the covers from the cushions and toss them in the washer.

2. Place one of the cushions in a large clear trash bag.

3. In the bucket, mix the laundry soap, ¼ cup of vinegar, and hot water up to the 3 gallon mark.

4. Pour the mixture in the bag, squeeze out as much air as you can, and tie it shut.

5. Lay the bag out on the ground making sure the cushion is flat. Here is where the kids come in! Stomp on the cushion for a while to get all that soapy water down into the cushion. Your feet are basically the agitator of the human washing machine you’ve just created. You may start to see some interesting colors coming from the cushion. This may be due to the color of the foam, or if the RV was ever smoked in, there may be a yellow color from the nicotine that’s trapped in there. Keep squishing!

6. Once you’re sure you have it good and washed, it’s time to rinse. A place such as a clean deck is a great spot for this as it will allow the water to run off. Take the cushion out of the bag and place it on the deck. With clean feet, step on it some more to squeeze as much water out as you can.

7. Once you have as much of the soapy water out as you can get, hose the cushion down while stepping on it, squeezing the clean water in, and the soap out.

8. Once you have no more suds while stepping and spraying, it’s time to get the cushions as dry as you can. Roll it, squish it, and squeeze it until no more water comes out. The kids are good for this part too!

9. Place them back on the deck to dry, flipping them every couple of hours to ensure the water isn’t just sitting at the bottom hiding.

You will now have fresh smelling cushions that can go back in their covers! The laundry soap works to break loose the dirt and odors while the vinegar destroys the odors. You may smell vinegar on them until they’re thoroughly dry but after that the smell should go away. Even still, vinegar smell is better than the smell you started with!

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