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How to Volumize Your Tiny RV Fridge

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While you can’t wave a magic wand and make your RV refrigerator grow in size (wouldn’t that be nice!), there are some easy ways to organize its contents that actually make it more spacious! We’re all guilty of hastily shoving groceries into the fridge, but that just results in a mess that’s hard to wade through later on when you’re looking for something. With these refrigerator hacks, you can learn how to volumize your tiny RV fridge and make it much easier to live with.

Hang ‘Em Up

Bottles of pop and beer take up a ton of space in a refrigerator, but you can’t leave them behind, right? Give them a lift with these ingenious magnetic bottle strips and you’ll give your refrigerator more breathing room! With these strips, your bottles will hang down from the top of the inside of the fridge, freeing up valuable shelf space underneath them. However I wouldn’t recommend hanging them until after you’ve reached your destination. While the magnets are strong, I’m not convinced that your bottles would still be hanging after going 70mph down the highway.

Use Bins With Handles

Instead of piling things into your fridge and then not being able to find them later, use bins with handles so you can easily pull out a group of items at one time to go through. This will save you having to wade through items and take everything out one at a time just to get to one item in the back.

Downsize Your Containers

A lot of foods we bring home from the store are packaged in bottles and jars that take up more room than necessary. So before you head out in your RV, transfer things into small, easily stackable containers, like these Rubbermaid TakeAlongs, to get rid of excess packaging. Or check out this Squeeze Bottle Set that’s perfect for items that you typically store in the refrigerator door, like dressings, ketchup, BBQ sauce, salsa, and more!

Binder Clips to the Rescue

Turn your refrigerator upside down (but not literally!) by hanging bagged items from the top shelf with a binder clip. This makes it possible to use both sides of the shelf—the top and the bottom. Simply close up your bag of frozen veggies or fruit with a binder clip and then attach it to the under side of the shelf so it hangs down.

Get Lazy!

If you add a lazy Susan to your small refrigerator, nothing will get trapped in the very back anymore. Put your condiments or sliced veggies on it and just twirl it around for easy access. This Clear Linus Divided Lazy Susan from the Container Store has dividers to keep everything safe and in place while you go down the road.

Add Slide-On Baskets

Purchase a few of these plastic storage racks for your RV fridge and you instantly have dedicated space for things that might otherwise be sliding around aimlessly. Their arms slide right onto an existing shelf and the basket hangs below it. It’s the perfect shape and size for eggs, cheese, lunch meat, veggies, and much more!

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