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Indoor and Outdoor RV Christmas Decorations

What's Christmas without an extra dose of holiday cheer? The big day will be here before you know it, and if you're staying in an RV for the holiday season, it's time to deck out your space with festive decorations, just like you would at home! Here are some fantastic ideas for both indoor and outdoor RV Christmas decorations to get you in the spirit of the season!

Decorate Your Campsite

Inflatables and Plastic Figures

Just like at home, inflatables are an incredibly popular decorating choice around campgrounds and RV parks during the Christmas season! Plastic figures are great too, and won’t deflate during the day, unlike inflatables! You can choose from an endless array of choices, as any search result for inflatables will show Santa in a variety of activities, even RVing!

Christmas Lights Galore

No matter if you’re in the snow or in a warmer climate, you’ll be able to deck your campsite out with fun Christmas lights! Whether you just decorate your awning with a simple string of lights or cover your entire campsite and RV with lights, it’ll be a festive addition to your Christmas camping experience!


Who doesn’t love a gorgeous wreath? Spice up your RV’s door with a festive wreath and your neighbors will be admiring the decor! For easy, damage-free hanging, use adhesive strips and utility hooks and your wreath will stay put, even in cold weather! Hang a wreath from the front of your motorhome too for better visibility!

Decorate the Windows

Technically, you’ll be doing a lot of this inside, but decorate your RV’s windows with window clings, lights, ornaments, paper cutouts, and more! There’s a real opportunity to treat your campground neighbors to an awesome Christmas sight by creating a fun display in the front of your motorhome! Line the cab with lights, trees, LED candles, or even throw a Santa figure in the driver’s seat!

Inside RV decorations

Christmas Tree

Getting a full-sized Christmas tree into your RV could be incredibly tricky, but a little creativity and downsizing will still satisfy your need for this staple Christmas decoration! If you have the room for a tree, use a small Christmas tree in a designated area! Don’t really have the room for a Christmas tree on the floor? Set up a mini tree on your countertop or on your dinette table! If you have the wall space, run a string of Christmas lights in a zigzag pattern across a portion of the wall to resemble a tree! If Christmas trees aren’t really your thing, set up an ornament stand or two, that way you can still show off your neat decor!


Ornaments are such a staple part of Christmas decorating, even in an RV! There are many ways to display your collection of decorative and personal treasures! Aside from decorating your Christmas tree or ornament stand, hang ornaments from your RV’s ceiling, in the windows, under cabinets, or wherever else you’d like to hang them! Get some RV-themed ornaments for the ultimate RV Christmas!


Hang your stockings with care in your RV! This is just another advantage to having a fireplace in your RV, as this is the perfect place to hang your stockings for Christmas! Don’t have a fireplace? Just get creative with it! Hang your stockings from the facia of your slide outs, or from ledges on your entertainment center. Even adhesive hooks on the wall would work great for stockings!


Show your RV’s cupboards some Christmas love and dress them up with festive decor! If knobs don’t get in the way, wrap cabinet doors with wrapping paper for a quick and festive holiday upgrade! If you’d like more subtle holiday cheer, run a ribbon vertically down your cabinet and place a bow in the center of the ribbon to make your cabinets look like presents! This is also a great way to display holiday cards. Just use clothespins to attach cards to the ribbon!

Festive Bedding

Browse around stores and you’ll find just about every home item with a Christmas theme, so pick up a lovely Christmasy bedspread to add a pop of holiday cheer to your bedroom and sleeping spaces! Also, replace your couch’s throw pillows with holiday throw pillows, and leave a blanket on the couch too for Christmas cuddling!

Garland & Bunting

Hanging garland around the interior of the RV is not only super festive, but it’s practically effortless! If you’re feeling crafty, make some cute Christmas-colored bunting! String these from the facia, around your entertainment center, along counters, and anywhere you’d like!

DIY Decorations

If you’re a festive full-timer who doesn’t have a lot of room to tote around large supplies of Christmas decorations, consider crafting some DIY decorations that you wouldn’t mind tossing or recycling after the holiday is over! This is also fun if you’re looking for a fun Christmas project! Make some paper snowflakes, stars, trees, flowers, and more, or decorate your refrigerator with some construction paper cutouts to make it look like a snowman! This is especially great if you’re RVing with kids for Christmas, as it’ll definitely keep them busy and having fun!

We hope that these indoor and outdoor RV Christmas decoration ideas have helped get you into the holiday spirit, no matter where you are for the holidays! Deck your RV’s halls and enjoy your time this holiday season, and even kick back with a delicious apple pie Moscow mule while you wait for Santa! What are you favorite ways to decorate your RV for Christmas? Leave us a comment and share your festive ideas!

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