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Low Carb Camping: Sweet Potato Toast!

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Health food trends are nothing new, but social media makes it hard to resist these tantalizing ways to prepare your favorite foods! Avocado toast has been taking Instagram by storm lately, but a new take on toast has cropped up, and people can’t get enough! Sweet potato toast is especially great if you’re looking to stay true to your low-carb diet while camping, as it’s easy to toast up over the campfire too! Time to try out some tasty sweet potato toast!

Why Sweet Potato?

Aside from the obvious fact that sweet potatoes are super delicious, they are loaded with tons of nutrients! Of course, toast made with bread is delicious, and unlike avocado toast, sweet potato toast cuts out the bread completely, so you’ll get a good dose of vitamins and minerals essential to a healthy lifestyle!

Sweet potatoes feature 100 percent of your daily value of vitamin A, which is great for maintaining healthy skin, bones, and tissue! They are also rich in carotenoids like beta carotene, which help to strengthen eyesight and boost immunity! And because they are generally low on the glycemic index, they’re fairly good for diabetics to eat too!

For anyone who’s cooked with potatoes, making sweet potato toast might sound like a daunting endeavor, but fear not! All you need are some sweet potatoes and a toaster! It’s so easy you can make it at work or easily while camping, and there are tons of different ways to dress your toast so you can keep on a healthy track!

How To Make Sweet Potato Toast

  1. Cut off each end of your sweet potato so that you aren’t eating the rough ends!

  2. Slice up sweet potato into quarter-inch slices, lengthwise for a sizable piece of “toast.”

  3. Put a slice of sweet potato in each slot of your toaster. You will need to put the potato down for at least two cycles, or until the potato is tender and fully toasted. If the potato sticks out of the top of the toaster, be sure to flip the potato between cycles for even toasting!

  4. You can also toast your potato over the campfire until both sides are toasted

Topping Your Sweet Potato Toast

There are basically endless possibilities for topping your sweet potato toast! You can pretty much use any topping from your favorite breakfast sandwiches for this tasty alternative! Here are some of our favorite flavor combinations!

  • Sliced avocado, fried egg, and cheese - super low carb!

  • Keep it simple with a fried egg or mashed avocado, or both for another low carb option!

  • BLT - use spinach for this spin on a classic for even more nutrients!

  • Poached, goat cheese, spinach, tomato - whip up a hollandaise sauce for a unique Florentine!

  • Nut butter and fruit preserves - fancy PB&J!

  • Keep it classic with butter and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar when you want to indulge!

We love this new trend of sweet potato toast, especially since it’s a great way to stay low carb while camping! Are you excited to try sweet potato toast? What delicious items will you use to make your toast even tastier? Comment to share your delicious ideas!

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