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Make It Home: Campsite Decoration Ideas

Camping is certainly a fun activity, but if you’re planning on a trip that lasts for more than a couple days, you might want to decorate your campsite to give it a fun look that feels a little more like home! With endless possibilities for decorations, you can easily adorn your campsite with designs that reflect your personal taste and style to make it uniquely your own! Here are some fantastic campsite decoration ideas to transform your standard campsite to make it home:


One of the best ways to tie your campsite decorating together is to design around a theme! If you’d like to keep things rustic, use wood signs, classic lanterns, mason jars, natural colors, and upcycled items for a charming decor collection. If you’re more artsy and love DIY projects, adorn your camper with fun painted signs, fun garland for your awning, whimsical lighting options, and even a fun wreath for your RV door! Just pick any theme, and have fun visiting home or craft stores, or even thrift stores for the perfect decor for your campsite!

Season Themes

One of the most fun and easiest ways to decorate your campsite is to use the current season as your inspiration! Each season presents a great opportunity for neat and easy decorations, as most stores sell seasonal items for the home and yard. It’s also a great way to try out some fun DIY ideas for decorating!


Decorating for spring camping can be whimsical! As flowers and plants start to bloom in most places, use a fun flower theme, or use bright colors to reflect the changing landscape! Hang cute, lightweight birdhouses from your awning for a homey touch! Decorate for Easter by hanging plastic eggs from surrounding trees, or make an adorable easter egg garland!


As one of the most poplar camping seasons, summer is one of the best seasons to flex your campsite decorating skills! Flip flops and beach toy-themed decorations are always a favorite, or use actual items for a fun and genuine aspect! Deck out your space in red, white, and blue in July to celebrate Independence Day by using flags, colored lights, and banners!


Fall presents some of the best opportunities for fun campsite decorating! Many campgrounds have incredible Halloween celebrations with fun events for kids, trick-or-treating, and best of all, campsite decorating contests! The prize goes to the campsite with the most creative and fun decorations, so feel free to go crazy! Use pumpkins, full size figurines, skeletons, tons of spiderwebs, smoke machines, freaky lights, inflatables, and more! After halloween, fall is all about pumpkins and leaves! Pepper your campsite with uncarved (or fake) pumpkins, hay bales, scarecrows, and wreathes!


In some parts of the country, winter camping is not that common, and snow prevents most people from really decorating. If you’re staying in a part of the country that is warm for winter, a snow theme could be a fun play on winter decorating! If you celebrate Christmas, you can decorate your campsite the same way you’d decorate your yard at home! Dress up your RV in christmas lights, and use inflatable or traditional yard decorations to show off your season's cheer!

Novelty Lights

Easily dress up your awning or any area of your campsite by using novelty lights! You will find fun and ridiculous lights for practically any occasion, holiday, or theme! Hunting and fishing enthusiasts can decorate with deer or fish lights, while animal lovers can choose just about any animal! Countless food and drink lights can be found to fit your tastes! Some retailers even sell pop culture character lights so you can display just how much of a fan you are! If there is something you especially like, there is probably a novelty light for it!

Personalized Signage

A simple way to show your tastes and introduce yourself to your neighbors is to make or purchase a personalized sign to hang at your campsite! These can oftentimes fit a theme of your choice, but if you choose not to decorate around a theme, it can be a classy, simple way to add a bit of personal flair!

Permanent Campsite Decorating

For those of you who are looking to decorate your permanent campsite, there are a lot of great ways to add tasteful decoration to dress up your space! Many people add a deck to their campsite which provides a fantastic space to sit and spend quality time with visitors! If there is space and your campground allows for it, you can cultivate the surrounding landscape and add flowers and other lovely plants (which will also attract the beauty of butterflies!). Fire pit areas can add a lot of fanciful appeal to your campsite, as some people not only build a permanent ring around their fire, but sometimes design an entire seating area! A permanent campsite is what you’ll call home, so decorate how you want!

Now that you have these great ideas for campsite decorating ideas, you can make these spaces feel more like home! With endless opportunities to fit your tastes, you can have fun making these spaces reflect you! What’s your camping style? Comment to let us know!

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