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Organize Your RV Closet Like a Boss With These Great Tips!

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Whether you’re new to RVing or have been traveling for years, you’re probably well aware by now that RV closets aren’t exactly always the biggest. Many of our luxury travel trailers and fifth wheels for sale in Grand Rapids have large walk-in closets, but most others have wardrobe cupboards that are incredibly easy to stuff full. With limited space comes more opportunity for disorganization and clutter, but not if we here at RV World can help it! Let’s organize your RV closet like a boss with these great tips!

1) Use Every Available Surface Possible

Start thinking outside the box when it comes to RV closet storage and start utilizing those unused spots on your closet doors, the back wall, even the ceiling if possible. Command hooks are absolutely perfect for adding extra storage space, so you can hang items like jackets, hats, purses, and more easily without damaging the closet walls and doors. Hanging shoe organizers are also a fantastic way to add tons of smaller storage compartments, or fulfill their destiny by holding your shoes. Just browse around and find the right additions for your closet storage needs!

2) Remove All Possible Items

If you have a larger RV with a dresser or other cupboard space, go ahead and get socks, underwear, T-shirts, and other small but cluttering items out of the closet. While this may not be an option for small RVs with limited wardrobe space, you could always use a plastic set of drawers to hold those items outside of the closet. If you have a larger RV, utilize that dresser or drawer space to cut the clutter!

3) Maximize Hanger Space

Nothing is more irritating than a closet absolutely packed to the gills with hanging items, plus it makes trying to find your outfit for the day such a hassle. Create more hanging space by grouping hangers together! The Wonder Hanger Max is a great product that allows you to hang five items in the space of essentially one item! You can also use pop tabs around the neck of hangers and hang an additional one on it to double up on space!

The thing to remember with this hack is that you’ll want to ensure that you don’t overburden the hanging rod or rack. Most RV closets come with either a hanging rod or one of the wire shelf units installed. These aren’t likely going to be as sturdy as what you may have in your stick and brick home, so just make sure to pay attention so that you’re not putting too much tension on the hanging bars.

4) Downsize Your Wardrobe

It’s easy to get carried away with packing up your RV closet, so go through every once in a while and get rid of anything you aren’t using anymore to cut down on the clutter! If you’re really looking to keep things to a minimum, try out a capsule wardrobe. This involves rotating out a select number of pieces, which keeps your closet minimally filled, yet you’ll still have options for outfits!

5) Invest In Storage Containers

Whether you spring for a full storage cart or just pick up a few inexpensive fabric storage bins, adding a few containers to the floor of your closet will go a long way! This is especially ideal in smaller RVs which may only have one wardrobe space and no drawer storage available.

6) Learn How To Fold Like a Pro

If your RV’s wardrobe comes with drawer storage, or if you’ve added bins or shelving, you can save even more space by learning some more efficient folding techniques. You can find great folding hacks online for T-shirts, underwear, socks, and basically anything else you’d consider putting into a drawer or bin!

How is your RV closet looking now? These awesome organization tips should have your RV closet looking Pinterest-worthy, and will help to streamline your daily routine! If you don’t even have an RV closet because you don’t own an RV, let RV World change that! You won’t want to miss out on the spacious closets found in our travel trailers and fifth wheels for sale in West Michigan! Come on down or shop online to save $1000s on your dream RV, and avoid breaking the bank with our easy, special financing plans!

Do you have any other RV closet organizational tips? Leave us a comment to share so we can try them out!

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