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Perfect Tips For Easy RV Cleaning

An RV is a huge, and oftentimes expensive, investment, and you’ll want to keep it in perfect condition for as long as possible! Regular washing and maintenance is important for keeping your RV looking like new, but it’s no secret that it can seem like a daunting chore! Here are some perfect tips for easy RV cleaning!

Know What Your RV Is Made Of

It is absolutely vital to know which materials your RV is constructed with before you start cleaning your RV, especially when it comes to the exterior! This will help you determine which products you can and cannot use when cleaning, as certain ingredients in cleaners can ruin the finish of your RV surfaces. For instance, avoid using waxes with petroleum distillates as they can damage rubber roofs and decals! If you are unsure, check your RV owner’s manual!

Clean Your RV Regularly

As with most things in life, if you regularly clean your RV, it will be less of a chore each time you do it! Give your RV a good wash and rinse after every big trip, and wax the body and roof at least once a year or as often as needed. Regular washing will prevent dirt and dust buildup from forming and leaving hard-to-remove stains, as well as preventing those dreaded black streaks!


Start your cleaning with the tires, so you don’t splash any dirt and grime onto your freshly-washed RV! Give the tires a pre-rinse with the hose, then use a good tire cleaner and scrub the wheels clean and give them a good rinse!


It’s important to show your RV’s roof some love! The roof sees the most sunlight and takes the brunt of bad weather, so special care must be taken to protect it! There are two types of RV roofs, fiberglass and rubber. Fiberglass roofs are usually easy to clean with a simple wash and scrub! Rubber roofs are more subject to oxidation, which causes a chalky breakdown to flake off of the roof. It is a great idea to clean and wax your rubber roof with appropriate RV cleaning products to keep it safe from dirt, tree sap, and other harmful elements. Do this at least once or twice a year, while a thorough washing should be done after every trip.


Perhaps one of the easier projects for exterior cleaning is awning maintenance, which is important to keep up with as your awning is what keeps you protected from sunshine and bad weather when camping! Awnings come in both vinyl and canvas varieties. Purchase a suitable awning cleaner for this task, and use it per the manufacturer’s directions. Spot treat canvas awnings, and do not scrub forcefully to avoid damaging the protective coating of the awning, and rinse with a good spray from the hose! Vinyl awnings are more susceptible to mildew formation, so generously spray both the top and bottom side of the awning, roll it back up and let it sit for several minutes, and unroll and rinse. Always allow your awning to fully dry before you roll it back up to avoid mildew buildup and staining!


It may seem like you’ll have a lot of cleaning to get through to get your RVs exterior walls clean, but don’t be discouraged! With just a little time and effort, this task is easy! Be sure to purchase an appropriate RV wall cleaner as to not strip any wax or protective finish off of the walls! Invest in a good quality extendible pole brush so you can wash any hard-to-reach heights without having to struggle and maintain balance on a ladder! You can also look into purchasing waterless RV washing products that will remove surface dirt and dust between big washes. These are especially great for extended stays in parks and campgrounds that don’t allow rig washing! As for waxing the walls, they should be waxed as often as your roof, if not more depending on how harsh of an environment your RV is exposed to.

Although the thought of cleaning your entire RV can seem intimidating, once you have established a streamlined system, regular cleaning will be a piece of cake! Now that you know these perfect tips for easy RV cleaning, you’ll dazzle everyone on the road with your sparkling, pristine RV!

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