Picking Out And Installing Curtains In Your RV

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Whether you’re doing a total RV makeover or just looking for a nice, new accent to spice things up, updating your existing RV curtains can make a world of a difference! With virtually endless color, pattern, and style options to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect curtains to fit your unique tastes! Here are some factors to keep in mind when picking out and installing curtains in your RV!

Store Bought Or DIY?

The decision to purchase finished curtains or to create your own is purely up to you! There’s a good chance that it will be difficult to find curtains with the exact dimensions you are looking for that will work with your RV, but it’s not impossible! It also depends on your RV’s decorating scheme. If you’re choosing to keep your RV’s existing decor, search around and see if your manufacturer still produces curtains with your color theme. If you’re renovating your RV, you’ll probably want to look for curtains to match your new theme, or make your own!

Choosing Fabric


Whether you’re buying curtains or making your own, you’ll want to keep the fabric in mind when choosing! You’ll want to avoid thin and sheer fabrics (unless you’re wanting curtains for a purely decorative purpose) as these will offer little to no privacy or light blockage. Many fabric stores carry heavy-duty fabrics designed specifically to make curtains, and are typically good for blocking out light. If you choose to go with a lighter, more see-through fabric, you can purchase blackout fabric to sew or glue to the back of your fabric for more privacy! The great thing about doing DIY curtains is that you can choose just about any pattern under the sun so you can have curtains just the way you want them! Also, as a general rule, if you’re going off of dimensions to create curtains, you’ll want to add length to the width, almost double the existing length, for more coverage and fuller curtains!

How To DIY Curtains

No matter your level of craftiness, you’ll probably be able to find a DIY curtain method that works for you! If you’re savvy with a sewing machine, sewing simple curtains will be a breeze! The easiest method is to simply hem the fabric on each side, with a four to five inch loop through the top and hang them on a simple curtain rod! You can also use hemming tape or glue to avoid sewing altogether! If you’ve purchased store-bought curtains that need some tweaking to fit properly, you can use these methods to alter the curtains!

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If you're replacing a privacy curtain that runs on a track, you can easily recreate these curtains to fit on the existing track! If at all possible, carefully remove the current curtain carrier strip and reattach it to your new curtains. If you can’t save it, you can purchase a new curtain carrier that you can sew or glue onto your new curtains! This may take some modifications, but will look really nice in the end! If you’re feeling really adventurous and would like to create some matching valances, place these on a standard curtain rod, then add a bungee cord across the middle of the rod to hang your curtains from, which adds a great layering effect!


Really, as long as your methods work, there is no right or wrong way to pick out and install new curtains in your RV! Just go with the fabric that you like the best, buy them from the store, or make it into a fun DIY project, and hang them however you’d like! You’d be surprised how this simple addition can make such a huge difference to the appearance of your RV's interior! What is your best method for replacing RV curtains? Leave us a comment to share your great ideas!