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Rainy Day Activities at the Campground

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Rain can disrupt a whole range of the fun outdoor activities you had planned for your camping trip. And, unfortunately, you never know when rain is going to arrive and spoil the weather, but that doesn’t mean it needs to spoil the fun! Try out some of these rainy day activities at the campground and keep the good times going through the wet weather!

Fun With Food

Whoever said don’t play with your food never tried these fun activities! With a few simple items that you might already have lying around the campsite, you can have a blast no matter the weather, and your tastebuds will be pretty happy too!

Campfire Cones
Rain might prevent you from having a campfire, but it doesn’t need to stop you from enjoying the ooey-gooey goodness of a s’more. Make them in your RV oven by putting mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and whatever else you’d like (strawberries, M&Ms, etc.) into a waffle cone before wrapping it in tin foil. Place your cones in the oven on a low temp until the marshmallow and chocolate is melted. Then unwrap and enjoy!

Marshmallow Mayhem
Repurpose an iconic camp classic into a fun rainy day activity by making architectural creations out of marshmallows. Challenge your fellow campers into who can make the tallest tower. Build a home or igloo. Make stick-figure people and animals using varying sizes of marshmallows, toothpicks, pretzels, gumdrops, or any other additions you’d like. Get creative!

Oreo Challenge Game
This game rose to popularity from the challenge-generating show known as Minute To Win It, but it works great to entertain people of all ages during a rainy day at the campground. To play, have all participants place an Oreo on their forehead. The object of the game is to use your facial muscles to move the Oreo from your forehead to your mouth. The first player to eat their Oreo wins!

Kid-Friendly Entertainment

The rain might not even faze your little campers eager to play outdoors, but if you’d rather not deal with mud-covered kids and their soggy clothes, you’ll need some stimulating activities to keep them entertained indoors. Try out some of these ideas for kid-oriented enjoyment!

Loved One Letters

Carry along the craft supplies and you’ll be thanking yourself once it starts to rain! Have your little campers decorate a card and write a message inside. Depending on your child’s age and ability, you can also transcribe their message for them so it’s legible. Not only will your kids have a blast creating the card, they’ll love putting a stamp on it and sending it on its way once the weather clears up!

If your RV boasts an open floor plan, like this Puma 297RLSS, this game will be very conducive to your space. To play, set up partially-filled water bottles into a triangular formation and transform the aisle of your RV into a bowling lane! Use a rubber ball to test your accuracy and knock down the water-bottle pins! Your little campers can have a whole afternoon of fun with this one!

Collaborative Corpses
All you’ll need is some paper and crayons for this fun and laughter-inducing activity! To play, give each player a piece of paper and have them privately draw a head and neck near the top. The head can be as silly or as weird as you’d like. Fold the paper back so only the base of the neck is visible and pass it along to the person next to you. Draw a wacky or funny torso and fold it back at the waist before passing it on. Have the next player complete the legs. Unfold your paper and enjoy your hilarious collaborative creations. Don’t forget to give them a name!

The More The Merrier

When you’re camping with large groups and the sky starts to turn, keeping everyone entertained can be a challenge. For some rainy day activities that will have campers of all ages having a good time, try out some of these ideas!

Have a Talent Show

Do you have a weird talent or an impressive skill? Use the rainy weather as an excuse to show it off by having a talent show! Not everyone has to participate, and you can use those non-biased spectators as judges to decide the winner. Inform your group of the time and location of the talent show, allow some time for everyone to hone in on their skill, and then gather together for some genuine group entertainment!

Mexicali Dice Game
Card games, board games, and the like all work great for large groups. An especially fun group activity is the dice game, Mexicali. To play you will need a cup and 2 dice. Gathered in a circle, one player will shake the dice in the cup before turning it upside down on the table and checking their numbers so no one can see. The best you can roll is a 21 - a ‘mexicali’, but the object is to stay in the game by getting a higher number than the player before you. After rolling, the player either calls out their number starting with the largest number first (ex. a four and six = 64), or they lie and say a number higher than the previous player. The next player must either try to roll a higher number or call your bluff. If someone calls you out for lying, remove the cup to reveal your dice. Calling someone out incorrectly counts as a strike. Being called out correctly counts as a strike. Three strikes and you’re out of the game.

Crazy Commercials
Pair off into teams and have each group pick one item which they will then place into a bag. Once each team has contributed an item, have each team randomly pick an item out of the bag. After selecting an item, teams will have five minutes to create a commercial marketing their item. Record the commercials with a cell phone and have an unbiased non-participant select the winner, or just have each camper vote for their favorite (that isn’t their own!) and the team with the most votes comes out as the victor!

Don’t let rain ruin a perfectly good day to have fun! If you pack properly and show up prepared for potential bad weather, the campground fun won’t ever have to stop. You can also utilize a rainy day to venture out of the campground. Look for family fun centers and challenge campers to laser tag or mini golf. Movie theaters, museums, and bowling alleys are other great activities for when weather isn’t being friendly. Do you have any rainy day activities for the campground? Share them in the comments!

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