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RV Space Saver: Install Cargo Netting

I love the saying “Out of sight, out of mind,” especially when it applies to things that create clutter when they’re strewn about my home. When a single pair of shoes by the back door turns into a mile-high pile of shoes, and that becomes a big heaping mess of mittens, hats, boots, coats, scarves, and more, my stress level skyrockets right off the charts. Even though our mudroom has built-in shelves and baskets for odds and ends, things somehow happen to miss their designated spots and end up right in the middle of the floor for everyone to trip over. I noticed on our last camping trip that this was happening in our RV as well! And in such a tight space, there’s no wiggle room when it comes to cleaning up after yourself. A balled-up beach towel left on the floor becomes a dangerous obstacle that can lead to a nasty bump or bruise if you don’t get around it (or over it) safely. So I put my mind to work and came up with a way to secure items in our RV so they’re out of the way but within easy reach. I installed cargo netting inside our RV to hold all the things that normally don’t have a place of their own. With functional storage being hard to come by in a lot of RVs, you can bet our cargo nets are full! If you’re pulling your hair out because the inside of your RV looks like a mine field, create a DIY RV space saver by installing cargo netting wherever you think it works. And in addition to keeping your RV clutter free, cargo nets also secure items for safe traveling at high speeds. Here are some great ideas on how and where to install them!

In the Main Living Area:

The ceiling of your living area is a great place to install a cargo net! Put your board games, DVDs, arts & crafts supplies, and blankets up here for easy access when it’s time for a family movie night or game night. Or tuck away flashlights, rain ponchos, insect repellent, sparklers, and other outdoor items. Kitchen essentials, like paper products, baking sheets, and cooking utensils, can also find a home up here or in a wall-mounted cargo net so they’re not taking up valuable drawer and cabinet space.

In the Bedroom & Bathroom:

Add a cargo net to your RV’s bedroom and bathroom for safe keeping of personal items like PJs, pillows, toiletry bags, and makeup kits. You can also store blankets, books, journals, alarm clocks, maps, portable reading lights, writing utensils, chargers for electronics, and other nighttime necessities that need a place all their own.

In Garage Basement Storage Compartments:

Having a large garage storage compartment in your RV is invaluable for transporting larger items along on your excursions, like fishing poles, luggage, outdoor grill items, and more. But there’s space that isn’t being used, and it’s on the ceiling of the compartment. Strap a cargo net to the ceiling and you create storage space that holds items firmly and securely! Fill it with campfire cooking supplies, foul weather gear, RV-safe toilet paper, pet supplies, hoses, patio and awning decorations, outdoor balls and games, and more.

Inside a Toy Hauler Cargo Garage:

The cargo garage of a toy hauler is an expansive area that offers generous storage space, but a lot of it goes unused. Sure, you fill it up with your family’s ATVs and bikes, but there’s probably a lot of open space around your toys that could be put to good use. The side walls and ceiling are the perfect place to install a few cargo nets in which you can put helmets, cargo bags, riding gear, kayak or canoe paddles, water bottles, sunscreen, tool kits, folding chairs, cleaning supplies, and more.

Do you use cargo netting in your RV for awesome out-of-the-way storage solutions? Share pics on our Facebook or Instagram of your handy RV cargo nets for storage inspiration!

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