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Snowbird RV Routes - East & West Coast

If you like to head south for the winter you know you have a bit of a drive ahead of you. The shortest route from Maine to Florida is over 1,500 miles and the shortest route from Washington to Southern California is over 1,000 miles. There are tons of other places around that people come from to escape the winter weather and these trips are even longer. So if you’re going to be stuck on the road, why not enjoy yourself while you’re at it! Take these snowbird RV routes south from the east & west coasts and hit some great places in between!

Blue Line to Florida

Florida is the main destination that snowbirds flock to (pun intended). What’s not to love about Florida? Amazing temps, ocean views, and tons of sandy beaches! There are a few routes you can take to get there depending on where you’re coming from. Our first route to Florida is the blue route down I-95. This takes you from Maine all the way to the tip of Florida! Some of the great things to see along the way include Bush Gardens, Seaworld, Dorney Park, ton’s of outlet malls, Blackstone Valley, and the Kennedy Space Center!

Yellow Line to California

The state of Washington is another place that can get pretty cold during the winter. Plenty of people like to hop on I-5 and shoot down to California. With almost 900 miles of sandy beaches on the Pacific, you can easily see why this is a great destination. The yellow line on our map will take you from Seattle to San Diego! Some of the highlighted attractions of this route include Mt. Rainier, Vancouver’s trading post, Interstate Bridge, Oregon’s wine country, Mount Shasta, and Los Padres National Forest.

Red Line Out of the Mitten

The red line is a well-traveled route down I-75 away from Michigan and down to Florida. There are tons to see along the way if you keep your eyes peeled! Highlights include the Henry Ford Museum, Cedar Point, Allen Museum, Armstrong Air & Space Museum, the original KFC restaurant, Ruby Falls, the Smokey Mountains, Rock City, and the World of Coca Cola.

Green Line to Florida

The green line starts in Bismarck, ND which is right near the center of the northern US. This is yet another snowy area that many want to get away from and head to Florida. The green line on our map will take you right to the red line so that you can join up with the Michigan travelers from there! Highlights of this route include Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Albertville Outlet Center, Silver Bison Ranch, the Wisconsin Dells, Rochelle Railroad Park, Kickapoo State Park, Shawnee National Forest, Clarksville Speedway, Stones River National Battle Field, and Arrowheads Aerospace museum!

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