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Snowy Fun: Outdoors Winter Scavenger Hunt

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Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean kids should stay cooped up indoors all day every day! Get your youngsters out and discovering the snowy world that surrounds them with a super fun outdoor winter scavenger hunt! There’s really no wrong way to do a scavenger hunt, so we’ve included two different awesome ways to orchestrate enjoyable hunts!

Classic Outdoor Winter Scavenger Hunt

A good old-fashioned scavenger hunt can be super fun, especially in the winter! There are just so many pretty things to see, and the snow can make it a little more challenging to find certain items! Here is a general list of items you can include on a winter scavenger hunt, so feel free to add any other items you think of! If you’re playing with older kids, have them identify anything that they can. For instance, the first example is “pinecone,” so have them identify which type of tree the pinecone came from!

    • Pinecone

    • Animal tracks

    • Birds

    • A tree with no leaves

    • A tree that still has some leaves

    • An icicle

    • Snowflake

    • Pine tree

    • Grass/plants sticking out of the snow

    • Shovel

    • Snowman

    • Nest

    • Frost

    • Your breath

Print off a copy of scavenger hunt items for each participant and let them explore! You can do this activity just for fun, or declare the first person to finish their list the winner!

Ice Cube Hunt

What You’ll Need:

    • Alphabet or unique ice cube trays

    • Food coloring

    • Plenty of water

How To Play:

    • Starting a few days in advance, color some water with a desired color and make ice cubes of each letter of the alphabet, or fill each cup of the tray with this color. If you’re going to have more than one team for the scavenger hunt, make multiple sets of cubes using different colors for each set.

    • Check the weather report for the day of the scavenger hunt a few days in advance! You’ll want to make sure that it will be cold enough outside so that your ice cubes don't melt!

    • Scatter your frozen ice cubes across the area of the scavenger hunt, making sure not to put like colors together to make it more difficult!

    • Give kids a bag or bucket to hold their ice cubes, give them a color to find, and let them loose to find their cubes!

    • You can either just give each team a full set of alphabet letters/cubes to find, or designate a word or phrase that each team must find. Tell them the number of letters they must find, and they must unscramble the letters to find out the word/phrase!

    • The first team to complete these tasks wins!

You’ll love just how much your kids will enjoy a snowy fun outdoor winter scavenger hunt! We know it can be tough getting kids out from behind their screens and gadgets, so feel free to up the ante with a prize for the winner! Do you have any other fun ideas for winter scavenger hunts, or do you have any wintery items you’d add to the list? Leave us a comment with your fun suggestions!

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