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The Mountains Are Calling: The Best RVs For Mountain Life & Adventures

If you like mountain adventures, you'll want to ensure that you have a good RV for it. Not only does this mean that your rig includes features that are fit for higher altitudes, but also that it has plenty of space as you'll usually have larger equipment to bring along when heading into rugged landscapes. These RV brands are the top-performers out there for venturing into the mountains, and once you decide on the brand that works best for you, you’ll have a bunch of floor plans to choose from!

Puma Unleashed | 5th Wheel Toy Haulers

Many of you that are vacationing in the mountains are looking to bring along ORVs and other outdoor toys. A toy hauler offers a garage to carry such things and Puma is just the brand to deliver a great toy hauler! These toy haulers also have a few features that make operation at a higher altitude easier!

Puma Unleashed toy haulers are equipped with a refrigerator that runs on both gas and electric. Since gas has a harder time burning due to the lower oxygen levels at higher altitudes, it’s great to be able to switch anything possible over to electric. You can also add on an optional gas/electric water heater that will do the same.

Another great option for Puma Unleashed toy haulers are the generators you can add. The Onan generators are gas powered with a carburetor. This carburetor is adjustable so that you can control the fuel to air ratio. It has a simple and easy adjustment for high altitudes to keep it running well. You just need to ensure that you adjust it back before descending out of the mountains as operating it on a high altitude setting at low altitudes can cause damage.

To check out the Puma Unleashed 5th wheel toy haulers, click here!

Rockwood ESP | More Than Just A Pop-Up

The Rockwood ESP is more than just a pop-up RV. The ESP stands for Extreme Sports Package and you’ll find that many mountain adventures call for some participation in extreme sports. Whether you’re hitting the white water with a kayak, heading up the mountain trails on a bike, or traveling with a small ATV or dirt bike, the ESP series is the lightweight option to take along! This series has both the tent style pop-ups and hard sided pop-ups so you can choose the one that best fits your needs!

The first thing you’ll notice on the outside of the ESP series is the amount of storage. They all have exterior storage and some models even have a front deck! These decks range in size from 28.5” – 105” and can carry anywhere from 200 – 1,300 lbs. Picture a dirt bike or an ATV riding up front ready to hit the trails! They even include what they call a “toy lock” so that this cargo will remain where you put it and you don’t have to worry about anyone making off with it while you’re not looking.

On the top of the ESP series are permanently mounted crossbars. These things have the ability to hold up to 150 lbs and have different attachments you can get. You can add up to four bike racks or dual kayak carriers. If you don’t want to add a carrier you can use them to tie things to the top of the RV.

The final feature on the outside that makes this RV so great for heading into the mountains is that it sits on a higher frame and has 15” mud rover tires. This allows for better ground clearance and the tires have an aggressive tread so they can tear through the mud like it’s nothing.

Inside this rig you’ll find a 3-way refrigerator. This means it can run off LP, shore power, or the battery. This is a great feature since LP doesn’t work as well at high altitudes due to the lower oxygen levels. It’s one thing not to be able to use a cooktop, you can always build a fire, but if your fridge shuts down everything in it will spoil. With this RV, you don’t have anything to worry about!

Check out the different Rockwood ESP models here!

Sandpiper | The Ultimate 5th Wheel

The Sandpiper brand is one of our best selling and most comfortable RV brands. This brand offers everything you need to be comfortable whether you’re off for a weekend vacation or you want to live in your RV full time. It’s especially great if you’re headed to the mountains for some winter sports like skiing or snowboarding!

One of the best things you can do is choose the R-38 insulation option. This is much thicker than the standard insulation and will help to keep your interior nice and warm when you’re out in the winter. This upgrade comes with the “Polar Tech Package” which also gives you a powerful 40K BTU furnace, thermal pane windows, and heated and enclosed tanks and dump valves.

Outside you’ll find the huge unobstructed pass thru storage area. This area is ideal for storage of winter equipment! You can stash skis, snowboards, sleds, and more here. Since it’s pass thru, you can access it from both sides of the RV so you never have to climb in it to reach what’s in the back.

Inside you’ll find both a fridge and water heater that also work on electricity. As stated with the other two brands highlighted above, propane at higher altitudes can be an issue. This way you can ensure your cold items stay cold and you have hot water for showers, even if you reach heights where LP struggles to produce!

Ready to pick out your Sandpiper model? Check them out here!

Which RV brand do you prefer for your rugged mountain adventures? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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