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Where and How To Try Heli Boarding And Heli Skiing

If you’re tired of the same old ski slopes and want to go higher to reach areas untouched by most humans, you’re in luck! There are places that will actually fly you by helicopter to those areas that can’t be reached by ski lift and drop you off. We’ve done some research on where and how to try heli boarding and heli skiing. Check these places out!

Silver Mountain | Silverton, CO

Head to Silver Mountain for the ultimate heli boarding or heli skiing experience! While most places make you schedule multiple drops in one day, Silver Mountain is the only one that will allow you to do just a single drop. So if you’re just out for one run, you don’t have to spend unnecessary amounts of time and money on additional drops you don’t want. They also offer an all-day pass so you can get your heli boarding and skiing in AND hit the regular slopes too (all on the same day). Are you ready to soar to new heights with your snowboard or skis? All you have to do is make a reservation with Silver Mountain. Click here for details such as pricing and reservations!

Telluride Helitrax | Telluride, CO

Also in Colorado, check out Telluride Helitrax! Shoot down untouched areas of the San Juan Mountains from some of the highest elevations in the U.S. by heli skiing or boarding. This is a private company that organizes small groups and then takes you out on a tour. The plus side here is having that expert there just in case something goes wrong. They even offer charter flights if you’re in the Denver, Aspen, or Vail area so you don’t have to stay right there in Telluride. Have someone in your group who doesn't ski but wants to ride along for the view? They also offer scenic tours where you can get breathtaking photos. Check out all the tours they offer as well as pricing here.

Alaska Snowboard Guides | Valdez, AK

Alaska is a seriously snowy state, and Thompson Pass is where you'll find the bulk of it! With an average of around 550 inches of snow per year, you can imagine why this would be a prime destination for any type of shredding. So what can make this destination even better? Reaching new heights by helicopter! Alaska Snowboard Guides will take you to those heights reaching as high as 8,500 feet where you'll be set down in fresh, untouched powder. You’ll be traveling with a small group of people and have a tour guide with you to help ensure safety. If you’re ready to hit the most northern state and rip through that fresh snow, you can find out the different packages offered, pricing, and how to book here!

Powderbird | Park City & Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT

The Wasatch Mountains in Utah offer up a great place for skiing and snowboarding in general. With snowfall that can reach up to 500 inches per year, there’s tons of that famous Utah powder to hit. Powderbird offers heli trips that operate from two base locations in Utah so you can book at whichever one is closest to you. Not only is getting to them pretty flexible with these two locations, but they’re near four different ski resorts so you can choose where you want to go. They even have their own in-house meteorologist who will be able to plan out the best possible trip based on the current weather. Choose from a premium trip which will take you out in groups of 4-8, a private group where it’ll only be you and your group with your own private guide and instructor, or charter the entire day where you’ll have the helicopter and guide all to yourself! To head out on your next winter adventure with Powderbird, click here for options, rates, and reservations.

North Cascade Heli-Skiing | Mazama, WA

Next we head to the state of Washington where you can hit the North Cascades at new heights. With North Cascade Heli-Skiing, you’ll have 30,000 acres at your fingertips with runs reaching the height of 9,000 feet! There are runs for everyone with vertical drops ranging from 1,500 to 4,000 feet so you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy this trip. Choose from a 3-day trip, 1-day trip, or an exclusive charter for just you and your group. Don’t have your own skis or snowboard? Here you can use the demo gear they offer and the price of this gear is already included in your trip. To find out more about the trips, pricing, and reservations, click here.

Ruby Mountain Heli Experience | Lamoille, NV

Explore new areas of the Ruby Mountains with Ruby Mountain Heli Experience. Located in Lamoille, NV, you’ll find these guys really have it together. With more than 40 years of experience, they’ve thought of everything. They ensure that there is one guide for every 4 people, which really helps to make your experience unique and special. So what happens with all these other places when the snow is coming down too hard for the helicopter to fly? Most places will move your tour to the next day or give you some kind of rain check. Not Ruby Mountain Heli Experience. They have Snowcats that seat up to 10 people and can power through all snow conditions. After all, if it's coming down hard, doesn't that make for awesome skiing conditions! And who has the flexibility to just add a day onto their trip anyway? You can rest assured that Ruby Mountain will deliver on the day of your heli experience, no matter what! Book a single day or a three-day trip now. Availability, pricing, and registration can be found here.

Where will your next adventure take you? With a lot of mountain ranges to choose from in the U.S., your options are many. The tours we’ve found are reputable companies. If you continue looking you’ll find a host of places online that offer services. Ensure you research the guide service thoroughly to make sure they have someone with the credentials to fly and to guide you down the mountain. Take pictures along the way. We’d love to see what you discover, so please, feel free to share them below!

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