Why Are RV Prices Not Listed For Me To See?

Why are your RV prices not listed on your website?

There are many factors to take into consideration when shopping for a new or used RV, and one of the biggest is price. Rarely do we work with a buyer who does not have a budget in mind, as going above a pre-determined budget can result in buyer’s remorse as soon as you drive off the lot. One of the smartest things you can do as a consumer is determine a realistic budget to stay within and then base your shopping on it. But what happens when you visit an RV dealership in person or online and there aren’t any prices listed? And why are RV prices not listed for you to see? Realizing this may be a cause for confusion and concern, we want to address why we don’t post actual prices on stickers or online and how this actually benefits you, our customer.

Fully Loaded!

Add-ons for RVs

An RV can be a big investment, and there is a lot of thought that goes into it. Just like with the purchase of a car, there are wonderful features available that can be added onto the car, but they’re not included in the base price. The same goes with RVs. Often our customers choose to add on extra features and amenities, such as solid surface countertops, a freestanding dinette, a cozy fireplace, or a second A/C unit, to a base model. These add-ons obviously alter the final price of the RV. If we were to slap a sticker on a model or post a price online that does not include these available options, then the price would not accurately represent the real price after these are added.

Trading In to Trade Up!

Trading in your RV

Another factor that can alter the price of an RV you choose is whether or not you have an RV to trade in toward the purchase of a new one. If you have an RV to trade in, you’ll receive credit toward your new RV purchase, making your RV price lower than what would be posted on a sticker or online. So we don’t want to misrepresent what your price could be before we know if you have a trade-in or not.

Get Your Discounts Here!

RV discounts

There isn’t a day that goes by that we aren’t offering discounts or promotions either! Members of the military receive discounts when they purchase an RV from us. And we run promotions all the time that offer deep savings. None of these would be reflected in a posted price, so we don’t post them.

Location Is Key!

Location! Location! Location! Why location makes a difference in the cost of your RV.

Located in the beautiful state of Michigan, we are fortunate to be geographically close to most of the RV manufacturers we work with. And this close proximity affords us deep discounts on the RVs that we purchase from them. Delivery fees on our shipments from them are low, and we love being able to pass along our savings to you, our valued customer. And since we’re part of a large RV dealer network, we receive large quantity discounts that we also pass along to you. But in an effort to level the playing field for all RV dealerships, including those who do not benefit from close relationships with manufacturers, they ask us to commit to not publicly posting our prices. Because fair competition is good for everyone!

So while there is no one reason why we don’t post our prices on our RVs or online, you will enjoy one huge benefit from it—lower prices! Come shop our RV selection at RV World in Grand Rapids today and see just how easy it can be to find your new RV!