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Working From The Road: Tips For Staying Productive

If you’re living the dream of full-time RVing, you may still have to get some work done to make a living. It can be tempting to ditch work and have fun, or if you're a workaholic, you may be guilty of working so much that you miss out on the glory of RV travel. So how do you create a perfect balance of work and fun while working from the road? Check out these tips for staying productive while traveling in an RV!

Stay Organized

Everyone's organization style is different, but no matter your preferences, it's important to come up with a system that helps you stay organized! Keep track of important meetings, appointments, calls, and other items on a calendar so you won’t forget! Come up with a filing system (whether digital or hard copy) for important documents, and make sure you can have easy access to necessary materials when you need them; don’t pack them away into the bowels of your RV every time you pack up and move to a new location!

Designate a Workspace

Even if you can’t use a space solely for your work, it’ll still help to choose a particular spot in your RV to use as your workspace. It’ll give you more of a sense of structure to be able to sit down in the same space and get to work! If you don’t like that routine, find something that works for you, like hanging out under the awning, working around the campfire, or whatever else floats your boat!

Stick To a Schedule (If You Can)

Tell yourself what you want: total chaos won’t help keep you productive. Come up with some sort of schedule or routine that works best with your day-to-day life. Are you a morning person? Get up when everything is quiet and get some work done, or stay up late if you're a night owl. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a super structured routine either. For example, if you change locations often, make it your schedule to be productive right after you set up camp!

Utilize Off-line Time

Driving time between locations can be a great time to work hard without the distractions of the Internet (if you’re not the one driving, of course!) It’s just too easy to get sidetracked by social media or viral clickbait stories, so if you have to do some writing or other work that can be done without a Wi-Fi connection, take this time to focus and get it done!

Make a Plan

Whether you’re disorganized and unfocused, or too engrossed in your work that you wear yourself out, it’ll help immensely to be proactive and come up with a work plan! Delegate your time wisely, even down to the hour, to make sure that you’re spending a sufficient amount of time on each task, and that way you won’t forget everything that needs to get done! Also make sure to factor in the times that you will possibly be without Internet access, and be sure to include work that can be done at that time.

Stay Healthy

Traveling full time can feel like a big vacation, so it can be very easy to fall into unhealthy habits that can inhibit your productivity! Eat healthy meals and snacks, get some good exercise, and most importantly, make sure to get enough sleep! On the other hand, don't oversleep either. Just because your office has a bed built right in doesn’t mean you should nap instead of work! This will provide the necessary energy and focus you’ll need to get your work done!

Revamp Your RV’s Wi-Fi

Even when you’re not working, nothing is worse than a bad Wi-Fi signal! Slow loading times, patchy connectivity, or total lack of Internet is your worst nightmare if you’re working in an RV! Avoid these common problems and explore solutions like antennas, Wi-Fi boosters, mobile hotspots, or other technological wonders that crop up to keep you connected and productive!

Relax and Take Breaks

Sure, this is the complete opposite of being productive, but when you think about it in the long run, taking frequent breaks and vacation time will help clear your mind, release negative energy, and can even give you some new perspective on the tasks at hand! You’re living an absolute dream of traveling in an RV, so it’d be a complete waste for you not to stop and enjoy the scenery, go sightseeing, experience the local charm, and have fun! If you’re moving to a location, or are planning on visiting with friends or relatives, be sure to get ahead on your work as much as possible so that you can take some time away without worrying about getting behind!

We hope that these tips for staying productive while working from the road in your RV will help you to maintain a sense of stability and focus so that you can get your work done and move on to appreciating the joys of RV travel! Have any other tips for those working while on the road? Leave us a comment with your helpful suggestions!

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