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Puma RVs For Sale - New & Used

We offer New & Used Puma RVs and can provide delivery anywhere in North America. As you can see we offer a wide selection of RVs and Puma is one of the quality brands we carry. Puma is manufactured by Palomino and offers excellent quality, as do the other brands we carry. Please ask our experienced sales people about a Palomino Puma RV today. If you don't find the model you are looking for or one with the features you prefer in our inventory, please use our custom build option on our website. You may also speak with a salesperson to order the RV that meets all of your needs.

Michigan Puma RV Dealer

As Grand Rapids' largest dealership and one of the largest dealers in the state, we offer a wide range of Puma RVs. Let us be your Michigan Palomino Puma dealer and get a great deal today.
Colors (4)
Flooring - Puma (2)
Interior Cabinets (2)
Value Shopper Package (3)
Advantage Package - Optional (1)
Limited Edition Package - Optional (2)
Marquis Edition Package (1)
Section 1 - 5th Wheel (11)
Section 1 - Park Trailer (7)
Section 1 - Travel Trailer (10)
Section 2 - 5th Wheel (9)
Section 2 - Park Trailer (7)
Section 2 - Travel Trailer (10)
Section 3 - 5th Wheel (6)
Section 3 - Park Trailer (8)
Section 3 - Travel Trailer (6)
Section 4 - 5th Wheel (12)
Section 4 - Park Trailer (9)
Section 4 - Travel Trailer (12)
Section 5 - 5th Wheel (9)
Section 5 - Park Trailer (7)
Section 5 - Travel Trailer (15)
Section 6 (3)
West MI Auction
West MI Auction
West MI Auction
July 16-21 is our massive West MI RV Auction Sale!